Great Plains Mini Cattle and K & B Cattle

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Photo Gallery

A collection of photographs which showcases our operation and small livestock.

Lowline Black Angus

Annie, 38 inches in height. A sweet little cow!


Miniature Panda Heifer

Cloe, 42 inches in height, beautiful markings.

Lowline Hereford cross

Pixie, 37 inches in height.

Miniature Panda Bull

Brody, registered Panda, 47 inches in height. Brody is for sale $1500.00

Miniature J-Low Bull

Rudy, Registered J-Low 40 inches in heigh.

Polled miniature Highlander/dexter Bull

Mr. Wilson, will be a small bull

Lowline Black Angus

Bella, 38 inches in height.

Miniature Belted

Oreo, 44 inches in height.

Lowline Hereford cross

Tinkerbell, 39 inches in height. She is so friendly!

Lowline Hereford cross

Macy Moo, 39 inches in height.

Lowline Black Angus

Lacy, 38 inches in height.

Mini truck used for calving.